Eva Brander Blackhawk

I've gone to Hopkins for 6 years and it's crazy to think that that is 1/3 of my life. Hopkins has really made me the person I am today and it's been so special to grow up in a small knit community and to see my classmates grow up alongside me. I remember playing field hockey with some of my classmates when we were 12 in the beginning of seventh grade; I started my senior year playing with some of the same people even after 5-6 years together. (shoutout Courtney) Many of the people I know at Hopkins I also went to elementary school with and it's really cool to look back and think that I've know them for 10 years. (I remember back when Julius was a mere 5ft 6?10? in second grade) I think the bond you make when you've seen people through so much is just really special and I'm so glad to share that with all of you!

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