1965 HGS Class Banner

Our class banner was created, we think, by Nick Doob and Larry Lane, but neither Nick nor we are certain. It is hung out at each reunion dinner. As the years passed, it became ever more evocative. With the advent of Heath Commons, the banner was photographed, and the photo now is shown year-round.

Classmate Snapshots

Please enjoy this collection of photos sent in by our classmates over the years. 


Alderman in 1995 at our 30th Reunion

Braman and Hutchinson

Braman and Hutchinson in 2010 at our 45th Reunion

Brown and wife Lois

Brown and wife Lois in 2005



Burkhard- 2004 Distinguished Alum

Burkhard, our 2004 Distinguished Alum

Burwell and wife Lisa

Burwell and wife Lisa


Cherniavsky in 1996, on his honeymoon in Prague with his wife Maria.

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