Student Code of Conduct

excerpted from the Hopkins Student Handbook

It is imperative that students, families, and, in fact, all members of

our community recognize that our actions in the digital environment are permanent and far reaching, and strive to promote a caring, safe community in all contexts - on or off campus.


Behaviors, postings, photos, or any other social media usage that impact the comfort or safety of fellow community members are subject to the full extent of Hopkins School rules as per the Hopkins Handbook regardless of where or through which medium those behaviors were enacted. Student online behavior of any kind known to Hopkins School that are dangerous or illegal, whether or not impactful on the school environment, will still be communicated to families and appropriate authorities where applicable.


Infractions of this code of conduct will be addressed through the disciplinary process in this Handbook; that process typically begins with careful consideration of the circumstances by the appropriate Head Adviser.